Manoj kumar is the Founder and CEO of Shrigram organics , which he started from his small farm in 2017. During the company’s early years, Manoj kumar acted as the sole engineer,designer, and support representative for the entire shrigram organics platform. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in many departments of the company that he had previously run himself.

Our values are at the core of who we are.

How we work, the standards we have, and the principles that
underpin every part of our efforts.

Our Team

Shrigram organics is made up of an team of talented technologists, publishers,
analysts, and marketers, all dedicated to our free learning mission. We enjoy our
work and working with the various skillsets and personalities within the team.

Every member of the organichook team believes strongly in the empowering power of
knowledge. Every day, we unite in doing our best to bridge the gap between
those who have access to knowledge opportunity, and those who do not.


In 2020, our vision is to take the goodness of Organic farming online and offline globaly. Our team is working aggressively to explore new markets and having meaningful engagement with potential customers . With our experience and knowledge-base in organic industry and use of technology, we shall be focussing on our unique bussiness model that empowers local entrepreneurs and global expansion through organic farming.